The desire to adorn oneself is probably as old as humanity itself. Rare, hard-to-reach and beautiful things have always fascinated people. To decorate the body with it, as a magical connection between the visible and the invisible.

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 The need to adorn oneself

There are many aspects to be interested in jewelry such as: as prestige, as an indispensable fashion accessory or as a sign of togetherness. Regardless of this, the piece of jewelry should please the wearer so well and match the type that they can easily identify with it. This is the only way to fulfill the question of the piece of jewelry. Namely, to please timeless and long-lasting and to create a relationship with the ancestors for the next generation.

The model's hand, which is wearing a bracelet, a thumb ring and a ring on the ring finger made of 925 silver from the Palamedes series, draws a new design. (Photo and drawing by T. Berger / Model: Jennifer Va.)