The model's hand, which is wearing a bracelet, a thumb ring and a ring on the ring finger made of 925 silver from the Palamedes series, draws a new design. (Photo and drawing by T. Berger / Model: Jennifer Va.)

About me

        Giving shape to meaning

I would like my team partner to be actively involved, imaginative, time and money. You have to be aware that the cheapest model including gold material starts at € 400.

The creative process for you takes place in at least three phases:


  • In phase one we discuss how the piece of jewelry should be made.

Please consider at home whether it should be a ring, pendant or earrings. There are many sites on the Internet where you can get ideas. Please use pictures to convey to me which type or fashion style you like. If there are old jewelry or precious stones to process, please take them with you.

  • The second phase can be a try-on in real material before Stones can be set or a discussion of a model or drawing.Depending on whether I am getting stones or pearls and how complex and elaborate the model is, several sessions may be necessary.
  • At the last appointment you hold your piece of jewelery in your hands.
  • As a technically highly qualified master goldsmith, I offer jewelry production, because I enjoy working together to crystallize the piece of jewelry from a vision, just as a sculptor chisels a sculpture and thus materializes it.
  • I see myself as a companion of the clients because it is a way, a creative process, to produce jewelry with all my practical knowledge. With many years of experience in gold, silver and precious stones, I am at the customer's side. I also like to contribute my knowledge of design, the market and market conditions.
  • In addition, I create jewelry lines with very different designs that I sell. The symbolism and its meaning can be found in the material and connects the different, unique concepts.

I come from the third generation of the Bauridl goldsmith family from Vienna, Margareten. In 1954 my grandfather founded the first business. I have been a master goldsmith since 1994 and a gemologist and diamond expert for the German Gemological Society since 1996. After a few years in the Bucherer attic at Graben in Vienna 1, I started my own business and ran my own company for consultant in Hamburg with Beatrice Isabel Lied. My way led me to the Viennese Dorotheum where I worked as an appraiser. Most recently, I worked for the largest gold and silver refinery in Vienna in jewelry production.